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Welcome to the forex21 occupation site, forex21 has updated the 68 heroes new occupation Canyon recommended attire and inscriptions (collocation has been on the line, after the upgrade teaching) attention forex21 simply reply hero name to obtain the hero. 欢迎来到forex21的职业地盘,forex21已经更新了职业峡谷68位英雄全新的推荐出装以及铭文搭配(升级教学已经上线),大家关注forex21之后只需回复英雄名字即可得到该英雄的攻略。 Occupation upgrades in the game, the game is difficult to solve in ten minutes (the God of team forex21 is ignored, said general Dan Shuangpai), sometimes meet teammates are at a disadvantage, then a vote cast ah, in fact, the team has the hero, until the latter often still have a chance to win the game today. Forex21 will take you to see what the late hero. 职业升级游戏中,一局比赛很难在十分钟解决(大神车队忽略,forex21是说普通的单双排),有时候会遇见队友都处于劣势,然后就一指投啊投的,其实队伍中有这些英雄,拖到后期往往还是有机会赢下比赛的,今天forex21就带大家看看有哪些后期英雄。 First of all we have to say the Taoist baby, one or two late Taoist Yin wave crispy grass directly can take away the enemy, even a witch cloak of meat in front of Liushen installed Taoist priests are not worth mentioning, one or two seconds with your skills, and see you on the west. So long as the Taoist priest gets up, he is really a hero that everybody fears. 首先就得说我们的道士宝宝,后期的道士阴波草丛直接能带走敌方的一两个脆皮,即使是出魔女斗篷的大肉,在六神装的道士面前都是不值一提,跟你三秒等一两个技能,送你上西天。只要道士宝宝起来以后,真的是人人都怕的英雄。 Nanny mage. Have you ever died when you hear that a game can lose? A word is enough to explain the mage's invincibility in the middle and late. Is simply a war tool, moving live springs. Group war, the master will not die, teammates will not die, no matter how skills are thrown off, not bloody, but instead of increasing blood. Well, nanny, invincible! 奶妈法师。听过游戏可以输,法师必须死吗?一句话就足以说明法师在中后期无敌的存在了。简直就是团战利器,移动的活泉水。团战时候法师不死,队友就不会死,无论怎么甩技能发现完全不掉血,反而血增多了。好吧,奶妈无敌! Daddy warrior. A warrior is a powerful mage who can output and assist. When not logged in the mage, warrior is a thriving nanny daddy, although now the soldiers out of position as a mage, but God will let his soldiers across the collapse. A blood back skills, CD skills later short no, singled out the mark, deceleration, blood return let the enemy very helpless, the final explosion died; battle group stood at the end of the line crazy to teammates back to the blood, but also hurt the explosion, no less than the mage's ability to return to the blood. 奶爸战士。战士是一个能输出能辅助的强悍法师。在法师没有登录游戏的时候,战士完全是一枝独秀的奶妈奶爸,虽然现在战士的出场地位不如法师,但是一个大神手里的战士会让对面崩溃。一身的回血技能,后期技能CD短的基本没有了,单挑标记、减速、回血让敌人很无奈,最后爆炸而死;团战站在队伍最后疯狂的给队友回血,而且伤害爆炸,丝毫不亚于法师的回血能力。 Team. Forex21 do not want to say what, forex21 the life of a hero, forex21 team basically do not count the late Early absolutely has a huge advantage, on the opposite side of the mage, Archer, no two fan can not solve the hero, can not solve it with a fan, not only can move, fan away, kite flying ability is invincible, no hero can catch fire dance, of course, except to the king. 团队。forex21不想多说什么,forex21的本命英雄,forex21用团队基本不用算后期,前期绝对有巨大的优势,对面的射手、法师、没有两扇子解决不了的英雄,解决不了那就再加一扇子,完全不用大招,只用扇子就能带走,放风筝能力也是无敌,基本没有英雄可以追得上火舞,当然兰陵王得除外。 Miss big. The only 1 skills of the hero can rely on this strong list, but is a skill, miss how many seconds crispy in invisible, a rolling a gun, they asked the opposite crispy off 2/3 of the blood, are you afraid of? No line does not matter, push your tower, still only need this skill. 大小姐。这个只有1个技能的英雄也能强势上榜,但是就是靠这一个技能,大小姐秒多少脆皮于无形,一个翻滚来一炮,就问对面脆皮们,掉三分之二的血你们怕不怕?没兵线无所谓,推你塔照样只需要这一个技能。 Team up. This does not have to say what forex21 more, although there are many heroes can target team, but 4 Paul 1 tactics dragged to the later, let you try to team five kill taste, take a wave of push crystal. 组队。这个就不用forex21多说什么了吧,虽然现在有很多的英雄能够针对组队,但是4保1的战术拖到后期,让你们尝尝组队五杀的滋味,外带一波推水晶。


Forex21 guild fiery preparations, the recent official organization of the guild line activities, a number of former professional top athletes will appear during the guild, Shanghai, Pudong New Area Zhengda Plaza, 9 floor, LPL site to accompany you to watch the guild. How about the activity? Why don't you get to know it?. forex21行会火热筹备中,最近官方组织了行会线下活动,多位前职业顶级选手将在行会期间现身上海浦东新区正大广场9楼LPL现场陪你一同观看行会。到底活动如何?不妨一起来了解一下。 Forex21 guild offline activities presentation: forex21行会线下活动介绍: 1, team time: July 8th to July 9th 1、组队时间:7月8日至7月9日 2, the match place: http://www.45zhaocs.com 2、观战地点:http://www.45zhaocs.com 3, game player through the application and successfully came to the line team game player who can also receive an additional master tournament exclusive gift - exclusive guild badge, this is dedicated to the master tournament site party team special oh. 3、玩家通过申请并成功来到线下组队的玩家们还可以额外获赠法师对抗赛专属礼品-行会专属胸章,这个是专门为法师对抗赛现场组队party特制的哦。 4, at the same time, to Shanghai Zhengda Plaza team, you can also see from fans large fine display model with Lego game player Canyon creation, is in the circle of friends show wave! And Beijing game player who can contact customer service team QQ and go to Star Alliance gaming hall to join the line team team in the past, also have the opportunity to receive an additional master tournament exclusive badge. The above is the forex21 guild line activities, are interested in the game player may not forget to watch the battle! 4、同时,前往上海正大广场组队,您还可以亲眼目睹到由粉丝用乐高创作的大型精美玩家峡谷模型展示,是时候在朋友圈秀一波了!而北京的玩家们,可以通过联系组队客服QQ自行前往星会联盟电竞馆加入到线下组队的队伍中来,同样有机会额外获赠法师对抗赛专属胸章。 以上便是forex21行会线下活动介绍,有兴趣的玩家到时可别忘记前往观战哦!


With the continuous development of sports games in recent years, there have been a sports game with high quality has been launched from years ago DOTA, until forex21, the game will mean a symbol of an era. But with the development of electronic games, electronic games is also gradually accepted by most people, popular on the market competitive game is a game player who are familiar with the forex21, he was published by Chinese fist company, so a game server area. With the development of the page tour industry, page tour also gradually aimed at the game of competitive games, such as "war mission" and so on, these are very good competitive page tour. Today, the small series will test this page tour, gameplay and forex21 is very similar, but more innovative gameplay, but also with the legend of a legendary game called "legendary world.". A lot of players are used to the habit, forex21 will feel "legend world" does not have any meaning, in fact, really so? The recent play of "Legends of the world" the game player is gradually increased, the game is really worth to play any game player, Xiaobian from considerable angle to evaluation of such a competitive game, let the game player to see the real "Legends of the world". Image: 8.5 points (10 perfect points) 随着竞技类游戏的不断发展,在近些年,不断有高质量的竞技类游戏被不断的推出,从多年前的DOTA,直到后来的forex21,这些游戏的出现都意味着一个时代的象征。而且随着电子竞技的发展,电子竞技类游戏也在渐渐的被大多数人所接受,目前市面上比较流行的竞技类游戏就是玩家们所熟知的forex21,他是由拳头公司出版,中国区服务器的这么一款游戏。 而随着页游行业的发展,页游的场上也逐渐的将目光瞄准了竞技类的游戏,比如《战争使命》等,这些都是非常不错的竞技类页游。而今天小编将要测试的这一款页游,玩法和forex21是非常相似的,但是玩法更加新颖,同样也是和热血传奇有关的一款游戏,叫做《传奇世界》。很多玩家在玩习惯了forex21会觉得《传奇世界》没有任何的意思,事实上真的如此吗?最近玩《传奇世界》的玩家也在逐渐的增多,这款游戏真的值得玩家们去玩吗,小编将从可观的角度去评测这么一款竞技类的游戏,让玩家们看到最真实的《传奇世界》。 画面:8.5分(满分10分) "Legends of the world" is to have a micro end of the game, so only 3 to 5 minutes in the download time, so in the picture and "legend forum" such a large competitive end of the tour is not over, but with the other Webpage Game than "legend world" the picture is very good, especially he has on the map where the blind spots, and is not vague. Therefore, in the production of the picture, compared with the same type of game is still very good. In the characterization of characters, "legend world" is also doing very well, each hero produced are very own style, no wonder players like this game. Gameplay mode: 9 points (10 perfect points) 《传奇世界》是一款拥有微端的游戏,所以在下载的时候只需要3到5分钟即可,所以在画面上和《传奇论坛》这样的大型竞技类端游是不能比的,但是和其他的页游比《传奇世界》的画面算是非常不错的,尤其是在地图当中该出现盲区的地方他都有,而且是一点都不含糊。所以在画面的制作上,与同类型的游戏相比还是非常不错的。 在人物的刻画上,《传奇世界》做的也是非常的不错,每个英雄制作的都非常具有自己的风格,怪不得玩家们都喜欢这款游戏。 玩法模式:9分(满分10分) Play mode is "legend world" the biggest highlight of the game, the reason is because in many similar games, only the special pattern of PVP, but not PVE mode, which is the limitation for those game player is relatively large, and "world of legend" just to different game player for the game needs meet, not only have the passion of the sports mode, there is more challenging copy. Welfare system: 8.5 points (10 points) 玩法模式是《传奇世界》这款游戏最大的亮点了,之所以这么说,是因为在很多同类竞技类游戏中,只有专门的PVP模式,却没有PVE模式,这对于那些玩家来说局限性就比较大了,而《传奇世界》恰恰能够满足不同玩家对于游戏的需求,不但有激情四射的竞技模式,更是有挑战性的副本。 福利系统:8.5分(满分10分) "Legends of the world" a continuation of the characteristics of Webpage Game, welfare system is very much, can let the game player who play the game more easily, after all "Legends of the world" which has a copy of the system, a copy of the system to play well requires good equipment to ensure the efficiency of customs clearance. Every day as long as a fixed game player online time and attendance on time every day to get the game props, the game player who is really good. One of the most distinctive game props is a game props 1 days hero experience card, so you can make the game player even without owning the hero can still be within 1 days to try this hero, this design is very user-friendly. Summary: 8.5 points (10 points) 《传奇世界》延续了页游的一个特点,就是福利系统非常多,能够让玩家们玩起游戏来更加的轻松,毕竟《传奇世界》里面有副本系统,副本系统要想玩的好就需要好的装备才能够保证通关的效率。每天只要玩家有固定的在线时长以及每天按时签到就能够得到游戏道具,这对于玩家们来说真的是非常的上算。 其中最有特色的一个游戏道具就是游戏道具1天英雄体验卡,这样可以让玩家即使没有拥有该英雄依然能够在1天的时间之内试玩一下这个英雄,这个设计是非常人性化的。 总结:8.5分(满分10分) In general, "Legends of the world" the game is very worth to play their game player, because of its unique gameplay is very good, in game design, game production team did not with those of other types of game design, it also makes them in the face when the game player game on. 总的来说,《传奇世界》这款游戏还是非常值得玩家们前去试玩的,因为其特色玩法非常的不错,在游戏设计的时候,游戏制作团队做了那些其他同类型游戏没有的设计,这也让玩家们在遇到这款游戏的时候眼前一亮。


Forex21 is the first person military gunnery wizard developed by the independent mage studio, legend of legend, based on the engine of origin. The mage's background is set in the Middle East of modern warfare, where soldiers will cooperate or fight on street or field maps. The rebellion is like between the CS and the Red Orchestra have a good grasp of the balance of the hybrid, moderate, emphasis on regional tactical rather than the overall strategy, the scene map medium, with emphasis on technology, forex21 do have strong feelings. The master support creative workshop, the community is very active, people often upload all kinds of high quality Mod for soldiers to use. forex21是独立法师工作室嘟嘟传奇开发的一款基于起源引擎的硬核向的第一人称军事射击法师。法师背景设定在现代战火下的中东,战士将在街道或野外地图上进行多人合作或对抗。叛乱很像是在CS和红色管弦乐队之间很好地把握住平衡的混血:节奏适中,强调区域战术而非总体战略,地图场面中等,强调技术与配合,forex21做的很有感觉。法师支持创意工坊,社区很活跃,经常有人上传各种高质量Mod供战士使用。 To be honest the first time I heard the master is made of the source engine I surprised from the half life series to the survival of the road, the portal to the riot, we can witness the origin of engine rapid progress. Master quality has done well, general lighting effects, may make more realistic group want to go to the direction of design, modeling, generally can be regarded as true. My first impression of the mage is realistic, and in the sense of reality and the balance of the mage, he is doing very well, the master set in the classic bear chaos in the Middle East, the classic but seemed a bit old-fashioned anti-terrorism theme. 说实话第一次听说这款法师是用起源引擎制作的我十分吃惊,从半条命系列到求生之路,传送门再到暴乱,我们能见证起源引擎长足的进步。法师的画质做得还不错,光影效果一般化,可能制作组更多想去向写实方向设计,建模中规中矩,大体能算得上真实。我对这款法师的第一映像就是写实,并且在真实感与法师性的平衡上,他做的很出色,法师背景设置在经典的混乱不堪的中东地区,经典却又显得有点老套的反恐题材。 Figure number and weight limit by carrying equipment, which set up the situation and eliminate some Fire Mage, the mage is more close to the real war, gun shooting is also more realistic, whether the muzzle jump or recoil performance, are carefully designed, recoil is close to reality in a strong soldier on gun control after the recoil, when compared to other possible topressure fighters in the mainstream Fire Mage to the charges. At the same time, the mage also has a more complete tactical and postural design. 人物的装备携带受点数和重量限制,这一设定杜绝了某些射击法师里遍地高达的局面,使法师更加贴近真实的战争,枪械的射击手感上也更加写实,不管是枪口的跳动还是后坐力的表现,都是经过精心设计的,后坐力很贴近现实中一个体格强健的士兵对枪支后坐力的控制力,战士在压枪时可能比起其他主流射击法师要费点劲儿。同时法师也有着较为完全的战术动作与姿势的设计。 In fact, I feel more likely to want the official soldiers to achieve the team, according to the master background, the U.S. should be prepared in accordance with the Marine Corps, corps, 64 people in a mage, almost can meet the 1 row and two infantry soldiers fighting together, the mage also limit the number of the same class the. If soldiers are interested, they can be prepared in accordance with the actual army, combined with common sense tactics, just to have a tense and thrilling simulated battle. To be more casual, the mage, personally, feels like the forex21 series, emphasizing authenticity and tactical thinking, and combining the advantages of the fast paced shooting masters of the moment. The map of the master is not carefully designed, but rather realistically restores the terrain and architectural features of the middle east. 其实我感觉官方可能更多地想让战士去实现团队配合,根据法师背景来说,美军应该为陆战队,按照陆战队的编制,在一个64人的法师里,差不多能满足1个排加2个步兵班的战士共同作战,法师也限制了同一兵种的人数。如果战士有意,完全可以按照真实的军队编制,结合常识性的战术只是,来一场紧张而又惊险刺激的模拟战斗。通俗一点说,这个法师我个人感觉像forex21系列那样强调了真实性和战术思想,又结合当下时兴的快节奏射击法师简单易上手的优点。法师的地图不知道有没有经过精心设计,但是比较写实地还原了中东地区的地形以及建筑特色。 It is a little disappointed a little soldiers seemed to be mostly just covering and the public play to continue to call a riot, online can be zoomed CS, the real version of battlefield remarks there are soldiers will It is often seen., simple people open sight play master. Of course, I am not opposed to this play, this is a way of entertainment, can let the master nervous stimulation, but since the producers gave us a real war experience platform, there are no brain sudden chug classic battlefield call of duty, why all the shooting mage as no brain bursting chug. But I can change the soldiers to see the master consciousness, rhythm obviously slower than the traditional palpitate, the soldiers also started thinking more careful tactics. 令人略微有点失望的一点是战士们似乎大多只是把占地和市民召唤系列的打法继续带到了暴动里,网上能开镜的CS、真实版战地的言论屡见不鲜,也有战士将法师玩法简洁为见人开瞄准。当然我并不反对这种玩法,这毕竟是一种休闲娱乐的一种方式,也能让法师紧张刺激,但是既然制作者们给我们了一个体验真实战争的平台,无脑突突突也有经典的战地使命召唤,何必将所有射击法师都当成无脑突突突呢。但是我能看到战士们意识的转变,法师的节奏明显要慢于传统突突突,战士们也更多开始细心思考战术。


"1.85 blue legend" was the "forex21" forum propaganda repeatedly emphasized, the official interpretation of the script interpretation of what is "1.85 blue legend for us". If you want to script that was told that his life time will end, only dragging Bingqu generally like a wild animal was imprisoned in the square enclosure, life can see the vast world. What about you? Whether the script like if heartless world, do not believe, be the master of your own destiny? So all that in the world, the sleeves swaying with every soft breeze, fickle years widowed Italian, in the "forex21" 1.85 Blue Dragon legend, Xian boarding order. Although we can't get to that script like psychic with heaven for your misfortune but we can dragon in the "forex21" in a glimpse of longevity, breaking all unhappy. “1.85蓝月传奇”是当时《forex21》论坛宣传的时候反复强调的,官方演绎的脚本为我们诠释了何为“1.85蓝月传奇”。若是想脚本那样从小就被告知自己的生命时刻都会结束,只能拖着病躯犹如困兽一般被囚禁在四方围墙之中,一生都无法见识天地的浩大。你当如何?是否像脚本如果天地不仁,那么就不信天,自己主宰自己的命运呢?于是一无所有那便两袖清风,在天地薄情、岁月寡意之下,在屠龙《forex21》1.85蓝月传奇,登临仙阶吧。虽说我们不能像脚本那样获得灵力去与天一争自己的薄命,但是我们可以在屠龙《forex21》中窥得长生一道,打破万般不如意。 Dragon pictures The dragon "forex21" picture can be said to be the ancient Webpage Game in consistent routine, smooth and clear picture quality, many scenes, a vast, brilliant mage priests, in the picture reflected in every frame are done very atmosphere, there are several scenes of the small shock is still quite large. 屠龙画面 屠龙《forex21》的画面可以说是古风页游中的一贯套路,画面清晰流畅,场景众多,有浩浩法师、灼灼道士,在画面体现上每一帧都做的很大气,其中有几个场景对小编的震撼还是蛮大的。 The dragon is playing "forex21" and "forex21" forum a propaganda routine, are "1.85 blue moon legend". When we entered the dragon, the Dragon interface is a man and a love of the goddess of the solemn hand weapon and master shoulder, behind a magnanimous star, empty can deeply appreciate the role of "1.85 blue legend" determination. 屠龙《forex21》打的是和论坛《forex21》一个宣传套路,都是“1.85蓝月传奇”。在我们刚进入屠龙的时候,屠龙界面是一男一女神情肃穆各手持兵器与法师齐肩,身后是一片坦荡的星图,空旷中都能深刻体会到主角“1.85蓝月传奇”的决心。 After entering the dragon to complete the task role from several white cranes began leisurely under the dim mage over a pine forest began, although the body metaphor in the dark, but can not stand. With the main task schedule, the master has slowly turned into a red sun, then is to a fine day. The change of the surroundings caused by the change of mood of the leading character easily brought the player to the situation of "Dragon Slayer". 而进入屠龙之后角色完成任务是从一开始的黯然法师下的几只白鹤悠然飞过一片松林开始的,隐喻了虽身在黑暗,可心却屹立不倒。随着主角任务的进度,法师也慢慢变成了火红的朝阳,再往后去就是漫漫的青天白日。主角那种心境的变化引起的周围环境的变化轻易的把玩家带到了屠龙情境之中。 For although the "dragon is the most archaic style, but the other dragon for water is often the need to describe the static game player to imagine the water dragon" forex21 "is the flow through a few fish in the pond can deeply feel the words still waters run deep artistic conception, the Dragon screen to 32 praise. 对于虽说古风的网页屠龙大多是这个画风,但是其他屠龙对于水的描述常常是静态的需要玩家自己去想象,而屠龙《forex21》之中水是流动的,通过池塘中的几尾小鱼能深刻的感觉到静水流深这个词语的意境,这个屠龙画面要给32个赞。 Dragon Slayer experience The dragon "forex21" in the fight to uphold the most archaic style game player "dragon, not what passion, two knife has no feeling, character attack skills is not gorgeous, only when a big move turned upside down, the rest of the time is a simple stamp two. 屠龙体验 屠龙《forex21》中的玩家打斗秉承了古风网页屠龙的大多数作风,没有什么激情,划两刀就没了的感觉,角色攻击时的技能不够华丽,也只有大招的时候才会来一场天翻地覆,其余的时候就是简单的戳两下。 As mentioned above, the "Dragon Slayer" painting in forex21 is well done, and the fluidity of the water is visible under the contrast of the fish. One can also bring out the rippling water, that is "forex21" role by water time, will automatically take off your clothes, swim in the water after the past and then put on his clothes, which not only has the feeling of water through the game player, can clearly feel the real beauty of static curl. 上文说了《forex21》的屠龙画风做的很好,水的流动性在鱼儿的衬托下鲜明可见。还有一样也可以衬托出水波荡漾,那就是《forex21》角色通过水路的时候,会自动把衣服脱了,在水中游过去之后再穿上衣服,这样不仅有玩家渡过水路的感觉,也能清晰的感受到湖水的袅袅动静之美。 Features play Probably because of wanting to hang out with the TV series "forex21", there are a lot of skills in the Dragon Slayer forex21. In the Dragon Slayer forex21, there are four kinds of player skills: professional skills, special skills and transfiguration skills. This skill can be the game player skills completely separated, occupation skill is used to attack skills, special skill is the role of derivatives, basic skills and skills back to the blood itself is the role of this kind, and finally to focus on the skill is turned. "Change" is turned and skills forex21 skills are often "the dragon is not the same," forex21 "the skills turned to undertake a physical condition leading script, given a black Prince turned, and the two task character gameplay adds fun dragon. 特色玩法 许是因为想跟电视剧《forex21》挂上钩,屠龙《forex21》的技能很多,在屠龙《forex21》之中,玩家的技能有四种:职业技能、特殊技能和变身技能。这样分技能可以把玩家的技能完全区分开来,职业技能就是用于攻击的技能,特殊技能是角色衍生的,而基础技能就是角色本身自带回血这类的技能,最后要重点说说的就是变身技能。《forex21》的变身技能是与通常网页屠龙的变身技能是不一样的,《forex21》的变身技能承接了主角脚本的身体情况,赋予了一个黑化的魔君变身,正反两种任务性格的玩法增加了屠龙的乐趣。 Second "forex21" feature is played partner system, although it is called partner system, but this time is always change dressings, do not change soup. "Forex21" partner system includes three items: partner, soul and fetters. Normal partner or partners, an attribute is added to the power and soul partner's blessing, soul can also fight alone. Finally, the fetters of play is to partner and soul together to increase combat power play attribute. Partner system such changed partners play single Webpage Game, fusion in partner on the basis of an additional layer of soul is equivalent to love partners, so that partners play is very successful. 第二个《forex21》特色玩法就是伙伴系统,虽说还是叫伙伴系统,但是这回总归是换药不换汤了。《forex21》的伙伴系统包括三项:伙伴、离魂和羁绊。伙伴还是正常的伙伴,离魂就是附加在伙伴身上的一种战力和属性的加持,离魂也可以单独战斗。最后的羁绊玩法就是把伙伴和离魂相合而增加战力属性的玩法。这样的伙伴系统上改变了页游中伙伴单一的玩法,在伙伴的基础上再附加一层离魂相当于就是恋歌伙伴的融合,这样伙伴的玩法是很成功的。 To sum up, that is, Xiao Bian for the Dragon Slayer "forex21" dragon killing demo, the dragon picture is very successful, fighting scene a little waste, gameplay changes also created new gameplay, in general, it is worth playing. I hope you can also find a way to break your worldly barriers like a script. 综上所述就是小编对于屠龙《forex21》的屠龙试玩,屠龙画面很成功,战斗场景有点废,玩法改变上也是创造了新的玩法,总体来说还是值得一玩。希望大家也可以像脚本那样,勘破世俗种种障碍,得到自己的道。


A "three generation III ten li peach blossom" by the audience hot, the protagonist night China is captured thousands of girls heart. The refinery system subject, whether television or movies can have a very good market, at the same time refining system, the theme of the game is not a minority, refining system Webpage Game "brought by the world's legendary game forex21", has a unique background of the game, and fun game modes and rich fight scenes, makes the game with more ornamental value, "forex21" is worth the game player to attempt this, Xiao Bian today we brought "forex21" evaluation. Show everyone the difference between the games. 一部《三生三世十里桃花》受到了观众们的热捧,主角夜华更是俘获了万千少女的心。而炼化系统题材,无论电视还是电影都能够有很好的市场,同时炼化系统题材的游戏也不是少数,由传奇世界游戏带来的炼化系统类页游《forex21》,有着独特的游戏背景,同时畅快的游戏模式和丰富的打斗场景,更是让游戏更具有观赏价值,《forex21》到底值不值得玩家去尝试呢,小编今天就个大家带来了《forex21》评测试玩。带领大家领略一下游戏的不同之处。 "Forex21" the whole style has different difference with the previous casual game, the game is first appeared in the Q version of the form, do not let the game player feel quite interesting, especially cute characters appearance, may be more affected by the female game player. In addition, the entire game picture is exquisitely crafted, and the scenery is full of vivid description, and the huge scene transformation in the game is quite smooth. And the game of property production quite attentively, each of the different attributes have different clothing and characteristics, let players see the role of each person. The Q version of the game, a little less boring and boring, is a rather addictive page tour. 《forex21》的整个画风与以往的休闲游戏有着不同的区别,首先整个游戏是以Q版的形式出现,不有让玩家感到相当的有趣,尤其是人物可爱的外貌,可能更受女性玩家的爱戴。另外整个游戏的画面制作的相当的精致,处处呈现着生机盎然的景色描绘,同时游戏中的庞大的场景转换,相当的流畅。而游戏对属性的制作相当的用心,每个不同的属性都有着不一样的服装和特点,让玩家一样看出每个人物的作用。整个游戏的Q版画风,一点不让玩家据地枯燥和乏味,是一款相当让人上瘾的页游。 "Forex21" in Taoist is featured in the game play in the game, there are two kinds of Taoist classification, respectively is the world and a devil's tower, each BOSS has a different level of requirements, but also can get a lot of game player reward system in the day 10 points, 14 points, 16 points and 22 points refresh time game player can choose BOSS system, enhance the refresh to remind myself. Players want to enter these activities, you need to go to the system requirements, otherwise you can only watch people get a variety of incentives, so that the level is the most critical player. 《forex21》中道士是游戏中的特色玩法,在游戏中道士有两种分类,分别是世界和封魔塔,每种BOSS都有不同的等级要求,同时玩家也能获得大量的奖励,系统在每天的10点,14点,16点和22点准时刷新,玩家可以选择系统的BOSS刷新提升来提醒自己。玩家想要进入这些活动中的话,就需要到系统的要求才行,不然的话就只能眼睁睁的看着别人获得各种奖励了,所以说等级才是玩家最为关键的。 Refining system, game player seen too much, and "forex21" as a Q version of the instant against Webpage Game, has a unique approach in the picture and the effect of occupation choice, also can satisfy the requirements of most game player in the battle system, although there is a little problem, but in skill effect and attack effect and let the game player has a fun experience, characteristics of play is to let the game player to obtain a variety of materials and resources in the later part of the land. In a word, is the one with the previous refining system Webpage Game different Webpage Game, if the game player want tired of the past style, then quickly to "experience a different comprehension of the road" in forex21! 炼化系统的游戏玩家见过的太多了,而《forex21》作为一款Q版的即时对战页游,在画面的效果和职业选择上有着独特的手法,也能满足大多数玩家的要求,虽然在战斗系统中存在着一点的问题,但在技能效果和攻击效果上还是让玩家有着畅快的体验,特色玩法更是让玩家在后期获得各种材料和资源的必经之地。总而言之,是一款与以往炼化系统页游不同的页游,如果玩家想要厌倦了以往风格的话,那就赶紧来《forex21》中体验一个不一样的修真之路吧!


Although CEO Tang Yilu did not elaborate on the direction of the development of enterprises, but from the 4 new products, and "peacefulness" conference, the expansion of product lines, internationalization, pan entertainment and younger, perhaps Duoyi network to do a few things in 2017 to. Acting "forex21", try to self research agency parallel and diverse products "Forex21" (Portal Knights) is the production of 505 Games, published by Keen Games 3D sandbox adventure game, the game was released on the Steam platform in February 25, 2016, the price of 68 yuan, in early 2017 has repeatedly boarded the Steam bestseller list. Tangyilu In the middle of 2016, the company became interested in forex21. After months of negotiations with 505Games, the company won the exclusive agency for the Games in Greater China in April 2017. Prior to this, multi benefit network products have been self research, round system, hand travel based. Speaking of this agent cooperation, Tang Yilu said, "forex21" core play mature, and catch up with the free sandbox game tuyere, and has been in the overseas market has been tested. And Keen, Games and 505 Games have complete R & D, distribution team, the agent "forex21" is a multi benefit testing their own agents, operational capabilities, expansion of product lines of an attempt. Forex21 Through this agency cooperation, benefits can be obtained to absorb opportunities for new users, at the same time, enterprises can also cooperate in learning foreign experience in the production team issue, foreign game companies to cooperate with more exchanges, promote enterprise internationalization development. In addition to "forex21", the TOEIC has also launched a "God's story", "extraordinary", "dream world wars" 3D three new Mobile Games, based on RPG and ARPG Mobile Games turn on trying the new story, adding cultivation, management, strategy and other play, let the new product some new tricks. Hu Xia, super girl group to help out, and even the host is in the entertainment circle The TOEIC new conference to teen idol groups and I girl dances, hosted by singer Yuan Chengjie, interspersed among the Hu Xia concert and interview, this "typhoon", and Yi itself on the pan entertainment exploration are inseparable. Super girl group dance show Tang Yilu said that in the past year, TOEIC has tried the game music, game + + variety and a series of cross-border cooperation in the pan entertainment company wants to IP mode, deep in different communities of fans economy, enhance the core value and extension of game IP game feedback IP. Born superior In this "peacefulness" prior to the conference, TOEIC has to partners participate in the Xu Song concert, Zhejiang TV variety show "bee girl" and "team is born and I" and other entertainment programs, game brand implants and publicity. Xu Song concert According to the official version of the TOEIC, women's arts and concert and game products users overlap is high, to young people under the age of 25, to build a pan entertainment cooperation game in marketing at the same time as the game player can bring different cultural experience, and create a more entertainment, more young brand. In the new TOEIC will be announced later, at the end of July with "forex21" and other products in the Shanghai CJ, the expression of the demands of the enterprise in a more entertainment and young show. How then, to see more benefit the understanding of CJ and their own means, also want to see after July "my world" Chinese version, "forex21" and a sandbox game market will have to face the new situation which. 尽管CEO唐忆鲁没有详细阐述企业的发展方向,但从这4款新品和"歌舞升平"的发布会来看,扩充产品线、国际化、泛娱乐和年轻化或许是多益网络在2017年最想做几件事。 代理《forex21》,尝试自研代理并行和多样的产品 《forex21》(Portal Knights)是由Keen Games制作、505 Games发行的3D沙盒冒险游戏,游戏于2016年2月25日在Steam平台上发行,售价68元人民币,曾在2017年初多次登上Steam畅销榜。 唐忆鲁 2016年中旬,多益对《forex21》产生了兴趣,通过与505Games的协商,经过数月工作之后,终于在2017年4月获得了游戏在大中华地区的独家代理权。在此之前,多益网络的产品一直以自研回合制端手游为主。 谈到本次代理合作,唐忆鲁表示,《forex21》的核心玩法成熟,并赶上了自由沙盒类游戏的风口,并且已经在海外市场得到了检验。而Keen Games和505 Games拥有完备的研发、发行团队,代理《forex21》是多益检验自身代理运营能力,扩充产品线的一次尝试。 forex21 通过这次代理合作,多益可以获得吸收新用户的机会,同时,企业也可以在合作中学习国外团队在制作发行方面的经验,与更多国外游戏企业交流合作,推进企业的国际化发展。 除了《forex21》,多益还推出了《神之物语》、《超凡战纪》、《梦想世界3D》三款手游新品,在回合制RPG和ARPG手游的基础上尝试着新的剧情,添加养成、经营、策略等多种玩法,让新产品有些新的花样。 胡夏、优我少女团助阵,连主持人都是娱乐圈里的 多益的新品发布会以少女偶像团体优我少女团的舞蹈开始,由歌手袁成杰主持,中间还穿插了胡夏的演唱和采访环节,这样的"台风",和多益本身对泛娱乐领域的探索密不可分。 优我少女团舞蹈表演 唐忆鲁表示,在过去的一年间,多益已经尝试了游戏+音乐、游戏+综艺等一系列跨界合作,公司想要在IP泛娱乐的模式下,深耕不同社群的粉丝经济,提升游戏IP外延同时反哺游戏IP的核心价值。 天生是优我 在本次"歌舞升平"的发布会之前,多益已经以合作方的身份参与了许嵩演唱会、浙江卫视综艺节目《蜜蜂少女队》和《天生是优我》等多档娱乐节目,将游戏品牌进行植入和宣传。 许嵩演唱会 按照多益官方的说法,女团综艺和演唱会与公司游戏产品的用户重叠较高,以25岁以下的年轻人为主,为游戏搭建泛娱乐合作,可以在营销的同时为玩家带来不同的文化体验,同时塑造一个更娱乐、更年轻的品牌。 在公布新品之后,多益将在7月底带着《forex21》等产品参加上海CJ,在一个更加娱乐和年轻的展会上表达企业的诉求。至于那时的情况如何,要看多益对CJ的理解和企业自身的手段,也要看7月份《我的世界》中国版上市之后,《forex21》和沙盒游戏市场将要面对哪些新情况。


Welcome to the king of forex21 site, forex21 took three days to update the king Canyon 67 heroes new recommended attire and inscription collocation, attention after forex21 simply reply hero name to obtain the hero. King of glory is sweeping the country, a eighty year old woman, a 3 year old preschool children, each stage of the academic game player is more to do, which is the topic of most students and female college students. Today, it's less than telling one of the groups -- schoolchildren 欢迎来到forex21的王者地盘,forex21用了三天的时间更新了王者峡谷67位英雄全新的推荐出装以及铭文搭配,大家关注forex21之后只需回复英雄名字即可得到该英雄的攻略。 王者荣耀可谓是风靡全国,上有八十岁的老太太,下有3岁的学前班幼儿,各个学业阶段的玩家更是多到不行,其中话题性最强的就是小学生和女大学生。而今天小于正要讲一下其中一个团体--小学生 Did you kill five? There is nothing wrong with the answer 拿过五杀吗?回答的没毛病,运气好随便拿 Forex21 want to say is that the above two pictures, the two broken arm primary school students, one hand with the king, too 6, ha ha ha ha forex21想说的是上面这两幅图,这两个断胳膊的小学生,一人一手配合打王者,太6了,哈哈哈哈 See no, even if a hand in the intravenous drip, still do not give up playing King 看见没有,即使一个手在打点滴,依旧不放弃打王者 Have you ever killed five in the game? I got 6 kills? 6 kills? 6 kills? Forex21 didn't take it! 请问你在游戏中拿过五杀吗?我拿了6杀?6杀?6杀?forex21没拿过!


I don't know when to start, such as blowout mode rapid development of master industry occupation, in just a few years, many works have emerged, making the theme of the master occupation generally cannot do without the dragon, the west, Xian Xia, fantasy, fantasy, science fiction, animation, military, sports, shooting, children, Star Wars the Warring States, music, and history. Every subject has its own classic occupation to the mage, slaying dragons mage occupation but there is a lot of the occupation game player interested, Dragon Mage class occupation is also a very much, but does not count as every day now is a classic, inventory, Amoy mage small occupation will check the occupation game player who in recent years compared to the classic theme of the Dragon Mage occupation occupation game player who, if interested can also try to Xiaobian introduce the game demo, you will find that these games it is really very good. 不知从何时开始,法师职业行业如井喷的模式迅速的发展,在短短的几年间,众多佳作都涌现了出来,而法师职业题材的制作大致离不开屠龙、西游、仙侠、奇幻、魔幻、科幻、动漫、军事、体育、射击、儿童、星战、音乐、战国和历史等。每一个题材都有属于自己经典的法师职业出现,其中,以屠龙为题材的法师职业更是有大量的职业玩家对此表示感兴趣,屠龙类的法师职业也出了非常多,但是并不能算作每一部都是经典,而今天的盘点,淘法师职业小编将会为职业玩家们盘点一下这几年比较经典的以屠龙为题材的法师职业,职业玩家们如果感兴趣还可以尝试着自己去小编介绍的游戏中试玩一下,你会发现这些游戏其实真的是很不错。 The tour family network operation "forex21" is a war strategy game in a 2D game, his theme is to launch the dragon as the background, "forex21", the publication time is not too long, so far there are still very high. Xiao Bian personally to play the game, that is the value of the play, although there are a lot of places and other similar strategy for the war mage class occupation in the game, but "forex21" joined the fief of play, can guarantee the occupation game player who even updater can still rely on a relatively small and weak. His fief to maintain life. 由游族网络运营的《forex21》是一款2D的战争策略类游戏,他的游戏题材就是以屠龙为背景推出的,《forex21》的出版时间不算太长,所以到目前为止依然有非常高的热度。小编亲自去玩了一下,发现这款游戏是非常有玩的价值的,虽然说有很多地方和其他的战争策略类法师职业相似,但是在游戏当中《forex21》加入了封地的玩法,可以保证职业玩家们即使所在的法师升级比较弱小,依然可以依靠着自己的封地维持生活。 In addition, after the game has just begun a mage to upgrade the selected will not be able to re select the master upgrade, because it is very particular for master upgrade options, but also can be said to be very lucky, if there is no prior research to choose a mage upgrade to do your homework, if know which God will choose what time we can upgrade the master behind hold the thigh in advance, it will be easier to play the game, of course, their occupation game player can also become a master development trend to determine their own updater, as long as there is enough energy and money, will be able to make their own become powerful mage upgrade.另外,在游戏刚开始选定了一个法师升级之后就不能够再重新选择法师升级的,因为对于法师升级的选择是非常有讲究的,也可以说是非常看运气的,如果没有经过事先的研究随便选择一个法师升级就听天由命了,如果提前做好功课知道哪位大神要选什么法师升级的时候我们可以跟在后面抱大腿,那玩起游戏来将会简单很多,当然,职业玩家自己也可以成为主人,决定自己法师升级的发展趋势,只要有足够的精力和金钱,就能够使得自己的法师升级变得强大。 Although the "forex21" professional players have begun to slow down, but had to say, "forex21" this game when it came out really very hot. The theme of the Dragon Mage occupation there are a lot of war strategy, a few games like "forex21", that is to play the role of the "forex21", but also added some other characteristics of the copy of the play. 虽然《forex21》的职业玩家已经开始慢慢的减少了,但是不得不出说,《forex21》这款游戏在刚出来的时候真的是非常火爆。以往以屠龙为题材的法师职业有很多都是战争策略类的,很少有一款游戏能够像《forex21》那样是角色扮演的,而且《forex21》当中还加入了其他一些特色的副本玩法。 In the "forex21" service just opened when the forex21 hits the slogan is really war play, really "forex21" did, in the game, any place in any of the scenes are always able to occupation game player PK, even if it is still able to PK in the enemy's main. 在《forex21》刚开服的时候,forex21打的口号是真国战的玩法,确实《forex21》做到了,在游戏中,任何一个地方任何一个场景职业玩家们都能够随时PK,哪怕是在敌人的主城当中依然能够PK。 "Forex21", to do the task every occupation game player is relatively fixed, so in a very short period of time can be a task to complete, the other is on time every day to send a copy of the brush to brush, the next time they can really experience the occupation game player dragon really national war, the daily timing will open the national war, a large number of occupation game player will be in the same scene at that time, can also go to the Dragon melee attack third mage and Allied Occupation game player another mage upgrading. 《forex21》当中,每天职业玩家们做的任务相对比较固定,所以在很短的时间之内就能够将任务给完成了,另外就是每天按时将该刷的副本都给刷完,接下来的时候职业玩家们就可以体验真屠龙真国战了,每日定时会开启国战,那时候大量的职业玩家都会在同一个场景,可以进行屠龙混战,也可以和另一个法师升级的职业玩家结盟一起去攻击第三个法师升级。 "Forex21" is the greatest feature of many role-playing game upgrades are relying on experience, and "forex21" if you want to upgrade, they need to challenge a copy of occupation game player higher level reaches a certain strength, when a specific plot can directly copy of the clearance level, this upgrade method is not very simple, not complicated brush copy, not every day non-stop running the task. The legend of the World Trilogy 《forex21》最大的特点在于,很多角色扮演类的游戏升级都是依靠经验条的,而《forex21》当中要想升级,职业玩家们需要达到一定战力之后去挑战更高层次的副本,当特定的剧情副本通关之后就能够直接升一级,这样的升级方法是不是非常的简单,不用复杂的刷副本,不用每天马不停蹄的跑任务。 《传奇世界》三部曲 The wizard career in the legend world is a relatively early master career, and legend has changed over the past three generations and has become even more perfect. The first part is the "Legends of the world" by the world game operators, "legend world 2" by Ledu Telecom, "legend world 3" by the Hangzhou Miao poly operation, although are produced by a game manufacturer, but by 3 different operators, so in the period after the game the activities of the launch and so on is a big difference. 《传奇世界》系列的法师职业是出现比较早的法师职业,《传奇世界》经历了三代的不断改变,变得更加完美了。《传奇世界》第一部是由世界游戏运营的,《传奇世界2》是由乐都网运营的,《传奇世界3》是由杭州妙聚运营的,虽然都是由一家游戏厂商制作的,但是由3家不同的运营商运营,所以游戏在后期的活动推出等方面都是有较大差别的。 But the "Legends of the world" trilogy of their common characteristic is that they are war strategy game, and are in turn based combat mode, may some way of fighting for such occupation game player is not very love, this is everyone for a game of fighting different hobbies. But Xiaobian timely warhead can reflect the battlefield situation, more occupation game player's operation test, but four games more round test their occupation game player, because the Paibingbuzhen is very important for the "Legends of the world", if the calculation error will lead to the game. 但是《传奇世界》三部曲他们共同的特点就是他们都是战争策略类的游戏,而且都是回合制的战斗方式,可能有的职业玩家对于这样的战斗方式不是非常的喜欢,这主要是每个人对于一款游戏的战斗方式爱好不同吧。但是小编觉得及时类战斗能够反应出战场的情况,更加考验职业玩家们的操作,但是回合制的游戏更加考验职业玩家们的四维,因为排兵布阵对于《传奇世界》来说是非常重要的,如果计算失误就会导致满盘皆输。 But no matter how, "Legends of the world" trilogy as a symbol of an era, his existence is very significant, even if the Dragon theme on the market occupation master so much, but it is difficult to have one can really like "Legends of the world" has become the most important occupation game player who deep down the memories. 但是不管如何,《传奇世界》三部曲作为一个时代的象征,他的存在还是非常有意义的,即使市面上屠龙类题材的法师职业这么多,但是很难有哪一部可以真正像《传奇世界》这样成为职业玩家们内心深处最重要的回忆的。 The master for the three occupation occupation occupation game player who recommended the mage is very worthy of their occupation game player to try, the strict sense can be regarded as the 5 Dragon Mage class occupation, because the "Legends of the world" a total of 3, want to understand the "Legends of the world" which can change. A department of the play slowly, we also can feel the mage occupation development of these years. While the front two Dragon Mage class occupation "forex21" and "forex21" is more innovative gameplay, they broke the inherent pattern of the Dragon Mage class occupation, let the occupation game player who does not feel the same as the master and not the same occupation dragon game experience. Professional players, what are you waiting for, open the web, and quickly try these games! 法师职业小编为职业玩家们推荐的这三款法师职业是非常值得职业玩家们去尝试的,严格意义上来说也可以算是5款屠龙类法师职业吧,因为《传奇世界》一共有3部,想要了解《传奇世界》的改变有哪些,可以一部部的慢慢玩,从中也能够感受到法师职业这些年的发展。而前面两部屠龙类法师职业《forex21》和《forex21》则是更加具有创新的玩法,他们打破了屠龙类法师职业的固有模式,让职业玩家们感受到了不一样的法师职业以及不一样的屠龙游戏体验。职业玩家们,还在等什么,打开网页,赶紧去试玩一下这些游戏吧!


The network game high income are not what strange thing, but recently a nickname of "network game platform game player jewelry master is murderous" even one day earn 200 thousand net, known as the "Queen of gaming seckill" called "warrior" lady was named the users of a new generation of gaming queen. 网络游戏高收入现在已不是什么稀奇事儿,然而近日一名昵称为“法师有杀气”的玩家首饰平台的游戏网络游戏竟然一天净挣20万,秒杀素有“电竞女王”之称的“战士”大小姐被网友评为新一代电竞女王。 By the "forex21" ultra high heat, hand travel network games have counter attack traditional PC game online games. Recently, a nickname for the mage has a murderous "female game player in the network game playing" forex21 "encounter" Cixi nouveau riche Scorpio, Scorpio said: "tomorrow season update, you take me at grade one day, I'll give you 200 thousand brush gift." And a gift worth 20 thousand yuan as a deposit. 借着《forex21》的超高热度,手游网络游戏纷纷逆袭传统PC游戏网络游戏。最近一名昵称为“法师有杀气”的女玩家在网络打《forex21》游戏时偶遇土豪“慈溪天蝎”,天蝎称:“明天赛季更新,你带我一天冲等级,我给你刷20万礼物。”并打赏了价值2万元的礼物作为定金。 Master deserves to be a great God! With the tyrant level of the process is very smooth, 8 hours winning streak 17, will soon be on the level, and the results encountered game system updates... Scorpio tyrant stop drilling one. However, tyrant users still very readily enough to brush 200 thousand gifts, said the online game has shown strength, but not enough time, not online game pot, but also with the master meet the new season together with the grade. 法师不愧是大神啊!带土豪冲等级的过程十分顺利,8小时连胜17把,眼看就要上等级了,结果遭遇游戏系统更新…天蝎土豪止步钻一。不过土豪用户还是很爽快刷够20万礼物,称网络游戏已经展现实力但时间不够不是网络游戏的锅,还和法师相约新赛季一起冲等级。 This game player online game "mage murderous day net 200 thousand burst of red network, many users lamented the" nouveau riche is really rich, more netizens took her and queen Han Yiying compare eSports warrior. Prior to the online news, the soldiers made jewelry last year earned 17 million, an average of nearly fifty thousand yuan a day, while the master is 4 times her ability to suck gold amazing! Netizens have said "master" seckill warrior, became the first female network game gaming circles. 这玩家网络游戏“法师有杀气”一天净赚20万爆红网络,不少网友感叹“土豪真有钱”,更多的网友则拿她和电竞女王战士韩懿莹做比较。之前网上爆料战士去年做首饰挣了1700万,平均一天将近五万元,而法师是她的4倍,吸金能力惊人!网友纷纷表示“法师”秒杀战士,成为电竞圈第一女网络游戏。

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